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Referral Program

ARM Referral System With ROIC Platform

The ARM (Affiliate Referral Mechanism) is an innovative referral program integral to the VeneraChain ecosystem, designed to incentivize and reward active participation. This system is not just a tool for expansion but a strategic element that fosters community engagement and network growth.

By leveraging the ARM system, participants can benefit from the dynamic and thriving environment of VeneraChain, driving both individual gains and collective progress. This mechanism is crafted to ensure that every participant who contributes to expanding the network’s reach is adequately rewarded, thereby creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all stakeholders involved.

ARM Referral Program Details

The ARM (Automatic Re-stake Marketing) system in the ROIC platform is a unique integration of marketing strategies with the platform's unique features. It's designed after studying various marketing systems and aims to innovate and motivate the platform's growth and reach. The ARM system targets a broader audience segment, including those new to blockchain or cryptocurrency, to attract and retain users. It's a comprehensive system that not only encompasses marketing on the ROIC platform but also aims to generate broader reach globally and attract influencers in a competitive electronic marketing industry.

The key goals of the ARM system include attracting a larger audience base to the platform, generating revenue streams, and expanding the platform's global reach. It supports projects that aim to sell their shares in a decentralized manner and offers an efficient way to contribute to these projects. Moreover, ARM is designed to increase demand for the VCH token, which supports the Venera Chain network, leading to a potential increase in the token's value and transaction fees.

Strategic Goals of ARM Referral System

These goals showcase ARM's comprehensive strategy to not only broaden the user base and marketing reach of the Roic platform but also to enhance the overall ecosystem of Venera Chain through strategic marketing and community engagement.

The ARM (Affiliate Referral Marketing) system in the ROIC platform aims to achieve several key objectives:

1. Broad Audience Reach

ARM aims to attract a wide audience, including those with no prior experience in blockchain or cryptocurrencies. This approach is designed to bring new investors to the blockchain sector.

2. User-Driven Marketing

The system seeks to transform a significant portion of platform users into marketers for the Roic platform, extending beyond the platform's own marketing efforts.

3. Global Expansion Ease

One of the key objectives of the ARM system is to facilitate easy global spread and expansion.

4. Unique Influencer Attraction

ARM intends to attract influencers in a novel way, where they become partners in the system based on their marketing efforts.

5. Project Support

The system aims to support projects selling their shares through the platform by simplifying the process of finding shareholders.

6. Supporting VCH Token

ARM also focuses on supporting the VCH token of the Venera Chain, increasing demand and, consequently, the token's value.

Key features of the referral system in ROIC Finance

Easy to Use

The referral system in ROIC Finance is easy to use, and investors can easily track their referrals and earnings through the platform's dashboard.

Multi-Stage Referral System

ROIC Finance has an 8-stages referral system, which means that investors can earn rewards not only from their direct referrals but also from the referrals of their referrals up to 8 stages deep. This provides a great opportunity for investors to earn passive income.

Customizable Referral Packages

ROIC Finance offers customizable referral packages, which means that investors can choose the package that best suits their needs and investment goals.

Referral Commissions

Investors can earn referral commissions on all deposits made by their referrals, and the commission rate varies depending on the stages of the referral.

Auto Re-staking referral Bonus

Automatic repurchase is a great and very powerful incentive for either the investor or the marketer.


ROIC Finance is transparent in its referral program, and investors can see all the details about their referrals and earnings in real time. This helps build trust between the platform and its users.

The ARM referral system

In summary, the ARM referral system is a thoughtfully designed mechanism that not only rewards individual users for their contributions to network growth but also plays a crucial role in the broader expansion and success of the VeneraChain ecosystem. Its integration with the platform's various features, coupled with its focus on transparency and sustainability, makes it a key component in the ongoing development of the VeneraChain community.

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